Your choice of end attachments

Thursday 19th April 2012
Your choice of end attachments

With Abssac’s Helical flexible beam coupling product, customers have been able to take their standard coupling designs to the next level, by incorporating features into the original shaft coupling design. By simply allowing the development of innovative connection solutions from the standard helical beam shaft coupling design, has opened up a plethora of opportunities to the design engineer.  The hidden potential of expanding how a shaft coupling physically connects within an application, which is often left to standard grub screw or locking clamp, can enhance the overall efficiency of an application.

In many cases, the final shaft coupling design is normally an amalgamation of separate parts that include such items as external gears, splines, threads and tangs. However, most importantly, it enables the design engineer to achieve far greater usage from one item in the total machine which inevitably leads to greater efficiency.

How the standard shaft coupling connectability is enhanced, is really up to the designer. Abssac is so confident with the products success rate that in many cases it offers a free sample for the customer to test and evaluate.

Ms Stacey Taylor at Abssac says, “When you consider the Heli-Cal beam couplings capability as a shaft coupling and then add this ability to integrate the design engineers own end attachment ideas, you have a formidable product combination that other coupling manufacturers can not supply”

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