Why use Machined Springs ?

Thursday 14th November 2013
Why use Machined Springs ?

By physically machining a spring from a solid piece of material, Abssac offers the end user some very unique performance characteristics over the wire wound counterpart.

Machined springs can be supplied to meet Compression, Extension, Torsion , Lateral bending and translation demands, but in each case the machined spring exhibits predictable linear rates. Due the predetermined geometry of the spring coil element, unbeatable parallelism and perpendicularity is delivered which directly leads to improved reliability and performance. By machining and careful process control deliveres a virtually residual stress free performance.

When the performance parameters are obtained  we then look at the method of attachment. This can include the addition of special or custom end attachments incorporated into the one piece design, making the spring device more capable and reliable.

Uniquely, single, double or triple coil start spring versions are available, each with their own unique performance advantages. For further details follow the link : Machined Springs .

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