Ultra finite thread leads with Satellite roller screws

Monday 8th February 2021
Ultra finite thread leads with Satellite roller screws

A satellite roller screw can be designed to deliver incredibly small and accurate leads than ballscrew designs.

The lead of roller screws (axial travel per revolution of the screw) can be very manufactured with finite tolerances and minute lead accuracy. Typically leads are limited to 1mm for small diameters of the standard RV satellite series, as this is primarily due to the fact that they are multi start thread forms.

Since the thread pitch is defined as a function of the lead, divided by the number of starts. RVR recirculating screws are single or double starts which give a pitch equal to or at least half the designated lead. However, the RVD differential screw series can be supplied with a lead a few hundredths or tenths of mm if required, something that is not available in ball screw designs. In a ball screw designs, the minimum lead will be limited by the size of the ball that can fit in the thread form. Adversely, the smaller the lead for ball screws the smaller the capacity rating.

Interestingly, with satellite roller screws, the lead can be chosen without any geometrical changes to both the screw shaft and the nut body, which allows design iterations whilst having no effect on performance or load capacity.

Key Product facts;

  • Full bespoke design capability
  • High rotation speed (RV types)
  • High acceleration capacity
  • Finite Accuracy 6 µm/300 mm
  • Small leads (from 0.25 mm) with large diameters (RVR types)
  • Finite leads (to 0.02 mm) with medium diameters (RVD types)
  • High axial load capacity
  • Long lifespan
  • High efficiency
  • No backlash
  • Extremely high rigidity

More satellite product details can be found here

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