Turning customer clamping challenges into innovative and reliable solutions.

Monday 5th August 2019
Turning customer clamping challenges into innovative and reliable solutions.

When a pressure is exerted anywhere in a confined non-compressible fluid it is transmitted equally in all directions throughout the fluid. In fact the pressure ratio (initial difference) remains the same throughout the fluid. This principle is successfully used in the range of ETP products, which provide an innovative quick and easy clamping of hubs or shafts.

Available through ABSSAC, the ETP range of hydraulic hub and shaft clamping devices can be removed or repositioned, mounting and dismantling in less than a few seconds. All ETP products consist of a double-walled hardened steel (in some cases stainless steel) sleeve, filled with a pressure medium. In the product flange there are one or more screws and a piston with seals for the pressure setting.

When the pressure screw is tightened, normally by a single pressure screw, an even and moderately high surface pressure is created against the shaft and hub, causing the strong and reliable locking effect. The self-contained product allows this procedure to be repeated many times and eliminates the need for keyways on the shaft. The clamping effect does not mark the shaft during fitting. The compact designs ensure better shaft concentricity and increased balance at increased machine speeds. The quick release capability of this product can provide, shorter downtime for service as well as increased precision. The hydraulic principle gives an immediate advantage for today´s modern machines.

With product names like ETP EXPRESS, ETP EXPRESS R, ETP POWER and ETP TECHNO, these products are designed for a multitude of applications. In each case only a single screw is used for mounting and dismounting of the hub. This simple feature ensures an extremely quick and easy service interval time and incredibly easy adjustment or repositioning of the hub. The single screw hubs are used in a variety of applications and industries such as packaging, food, beverage and pharmaceutical. The standard ETP-TECHNO and ETP-EXPRESS are available for shafts 15mm to 130mm. ETP-EXPRESS R, Stainless steel versions, are available to suit shafts from 15mm to 80mm.

ETP Unigrip, taking the clamping technology further 

The part shown below is an excellent example of  a customer adapted part unit with face on extending locking pins and clamping inner diameter. As part of a continuous development programme, ETP products are often utilised and adapted to be a legitimate advantage in bespoke applications. Using the wealth of product knowledge and expert engineering knowledge has resulted in the integration of the ETP product principle into many new and interesting applications. Customised solutions, in co-operation with OEM’s, often results in turning customer clamping challenges into innovative and reliable solutions.

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