The De Montfort School Sponsorship 2016 News

Tuesday 2nd February 2016
The De Montfort School Sponsorship 2016 News

ABSSAC's continued sponsorship of the TDMS Robotics club at The De Montfort School is helping with preparations for the regional event. The teams are busy tweaking with their robots to ensure they are in optimum condition for the competition. With one robot already qualified for the Nationals after attending another regional qualification event, this is the chance improve strategy and refine the minor details of this robot, and also to get a second robot to the Nationals.

With tough competition expected again this year, with added interest, given that the regional event has a qualification spot up for grabs to the VEX Robotics Competition World Championships in Louisville, Kentucky, USA!  Any extra practice could also make the difference at the UK National qualification event held during the Big Bang Fair at the NEC in March.

Although the main VEX robotics competition will take much of the headlines, there are many aspects to the Robotics Club to include all age groups, including the VEX IQ Challenge.  The VEX IQ Challenge, presented by the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation, provides younger students with exciting, open-ended robotics and research project challenges that enhance their science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) skills through hands-on, student-centred learning.  The VEX IQ Challenge encourages student development of the teamwork, critical thinking, project management, and communication skills required to prepare them to become the next generation of innovators and problem solvers.  This has been the focus for the younger age group, as this will stand them in good stead to the Main VEX Robotics competition in the near future.

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