Solid Shaft Couplings

Thursday 10th October 2013
Solid Shaft Couplings

A solid compression-type coupling or rigid coupling as it is sometimes termed has no flexibility but can effectively be used to connect two shafts to make a permanent joint. The solid coupling is usually designed to be capable of transmitting the full torque load capacity of the shaft.

By precisely aligning the two shafts and holding them firmly in place, rigid couplings help to maximise performance and increase the expected life of the machine. These rigid couplings are available in two basic designs to fit the needs of different applications. Sleeve-style couplings are the most affordable and easiest to use, whilst clamped or compression rigid couplings come in two parts and fit together around the shafts to form a sleeve.

Both types are available from Abssac  suiting shaft sizes from 6mm up to 50mm in diameter.

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