Self-Reversing machined screws

Thursday 16th October 2014
Self-Reversing machined screws

Traditional lead or acme screws require the driven screw to counter rotate to achieve a bi-directional movement of the nut and importantly, to allow the nut to return to its original start position. The self-reversing screw only requires a rotation of the screw in one direction to achieve a reciprocated bi-directional linear movement.

Our self reversing screws, do not utilise ball bearings in their linear travel. Instead we use a track blade style. There is not a standard range as screws of this type are made to customer's individual specification.Typically, the self reversing lead screws take about 5 - 7 weeks to be manufactured. They can be created in just about any mild steel, stainless steel, bronze and Aluminium.

The nut can be supplied in a style and size according to your requirements. (Most small self reverser screws are 3/8" diameter with a nut block 30mx30mmx35mm, however, we go up to approx 250mm diameter with lengths up to many metres).

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