Scientific lead screw application

Tuesday 28th May 2019
Scientific lead screw application

When ABSSAC was asked to look at a scientific lead screw application for reliable and precision linear movement in a high temperature and caustic environment, Abssac turned to using PEEK for the nut material. The Polyaryletheretherketone (PEEK™) material is a rigid opaque (grey) material with a unique combination of properties, which include exceptional chemical, wear, electrical and temperature resistance, as well as dimensional stability and numerous processing capabilities.

Combine this with a ground and lapped formed 440C Stainless Steel screw and the perfect partnership was made for the application. Rolling the 4mm diameter screw with a 0.5mm pitch in both a left hand and right hand thread form on the same screw allowed the application to have two opposing linear movements from one direction of screw rotation. The PEEK™ flanged nuts allowed consistent excellent mechanical properties at high temperatures up to 250Deg C.

If your lead screw application is out of the ordinary, Abssac can help.

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