Power screws , Nuts and Bearings

Wednesday 11th January 2017
Power screws , Nuts and Bearings

Choosing fast delivery of trapezoidal Power screws , Nuts and Bearings doesn’t have to be a nut cracker. Leadscrews are an excellent and reliable way of converting rotary motion into a linear motion. The speed, the load and the accuracy of position has a direct effect on the form and physical size of the lead screw and nut design. If you use leadscrews and nuts or perhaps you are considering the product within your designs, then give ABSSAC a call.

We stock lead screws for industrial through to precision applications and have knowledgeable sales staff on hand to help with your selection.  Our POWER SCREWS are suited to the more industrial type applications where lead accuracy is in the range of 0.1mm per 300mm .  All POWER SCREW products can be supplied with a range of flanged, cylindrical and hex style nuts in Stainless Steel, Steel, Bronze and Plastic. We stock up to 3 meter lengths on the following diameters with a range of leads per diameter and in both right and left handed formats.


Outside diameters of lead screw in stock
 12mm  16mm  20mm  22mm  24mm  30mm  36mm  40mm  50mm 

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Whether it is a simple lead screw, acme thread, ball screw or a complicated satellite roller screw, Abssac have one of the largest linear product ranges on the market. Combine this with a fast turnaround machine shop that can supply end journals that are ready to fit directly into your application. Abssac is ready to help you find the right product for the right price.

Employing a traditional hands on approach to business, Abssac has long been associated with linear technology and in 2008 is expanding its range further by adding more diameters and lead per product. Abssac offers a vast range of lead screw sizes range from a miniature 4mm diameter up to 200mm with a wide range of both metric and imperial leads per diameter. Supplying, cold rolled, whirled, machined or ground style lead screw formats in stainless steel, low carbon steel and exotic materials if required.

power lead screws 1  power lead screws 2  BearingsPower range Image 1 

If you require multi-start, high helix for high linear traversing speeds or ultra fine Vee thread format screw for positional accuracy Abssac can supply all of your linear requirements.

All our antibacklash nut designs compliment the complete range of lead screws and in some cases can be tapped to run on ball screw threads. Primarily Abssac uses Delrin as the base material for the plastic nuts. Delrin is an acetal resin engineering plastic and is often used as a metal substitute. Delrin is lightweight, has a low coefficient of friction, is extremely wear-resistant and capable of operating in temperatures in excess of 90 degrees Celsius (approx 200 degrees Fahrenheit). Other plastic materials we use are: polyoxymethylene (POM), acetal resin, polytrioxane and polyformaldehyde. Bronze nuts are normally machined from SAE660 bronze but also employed aluminium bronze hybrids for certain applications. search the complete Power screw andf nut ranges here 


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