New MRB1330 series from KSS of Japan

Wednesday 6th April 2022
New MRB1330 series from KSS of Japan

Introducing 30mm lead Rolled Ball Screw in shaft diameter 13mm series.
To meet increasing demand of suitable high speed Ball Screws, KSS of Japan has developed a 13mm diameter by 30mm lead Rolled Ball Screw.

The new MRB1330 series can achieved 1.5times longer travel compared to an existing product of 20mm lead when operating under the same rotary speed. The cost-effective product delivers exemplary linear accuracy through enhanced manufacturing techniques and innovative design. Directly interchangeable with existing shaft diameter 13mm products such as 12mm, 15mm & 20mm the optimised ball bearing recirculation design enables smooth ball rotation and high-speed durability.

Accuracy grade Ct7 and Ct10 are available.
Please note that 4,000 rpm is the limit number of revolution and this parameter may change depending on the acceleration / deceleration of the application.



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