Machined spring assimilates separate parts.

Thursday 17th January 2019
Machined spring assimilates separate parts.

The design and reliability of a compression spring control mechanism that originally involved the amalgamation of four separate  parts was recently upgraded by using the Heli-Cal machined spring product.

The previous assembly consisted of a wound compression spring, a machined spring seat, which incorporated a captivated ball bearing and finally a machined top hat attachment complete with a M5 locating thread.  An additional issue with the original design was that the customer had to batch test the wound springs before assembly for dimensional accuracy and performance.   All of these parts were sourced from separate suppliers and then assembled at the customer’s factory.

Utilising the unique properties of the Heli-Cal machined spring, ABSSAC was able to supply a ready to fit part machined from a single piece of material, that not only incorporated all of these design requirements but also ensured that the actual compression spring rate would be accurately supplied in each part, time and time again,. The new abssac part immediately eliminated this batch control process and as a direct result of the machined springs efficiency of operation there was  a marked percentage efficiency increase within the control mechanism.

Uniquely, ABSSAC incorporated a  double start machined compression spring set up into the design. The part had to accept a very high temperature of up to 350 C and compress up to 10mm from its free state.  Realising the potential of  tighter parallel and perpendicularity tolerances the product could offer, the ABSSAC customer then requested even tighter performance parameters which would ultimately enhance the total products performance. 

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