Machined Springs - Release the potential

Monday 1st September 2008
Machined Springs - Release the potential

As with its wire wound brother, all types of spring format such as, compression, extension, torsion, lateral translation and lateral bending springs are available in the machined format. However, from this point the similarities between wound and machined springs stop.

Machined springs can provide very precise, linear deflection rates because virtually all-residual stresses are eliminated. As a result, there are no internal stresses to overcome before deflection occurs, which can be the case in the wire wound spring. In addition to this we can offer multiple start spring coil configurations. The most common configuration is the single start spring, which consists of a single continuous coil element, which starts at one end and terminates at the other end, much like its wire wound counterpart. A double start spring has two intertwined continuous coil elements. In effect, this puts two independent helixes in the same cylindrical plane. Multiple start flexures, such as triple start etc., are similar extensions of this concept.

The advantages of Multiple start spring elements are beneficial because they not only provide redundant elastic elements should a failure occur, but a failed element (coil) will be physically trapped by the remaining one and in many cases will allow the albeit reduced function of the spring design to still operate. Another multi-start benefit applies to compression and tension springs, as when compressed (or extended), single start springs provide a reaction force plus a moment. On multiple start flexures, all internal moments are resolved within the spring itself, which translates into excellent compression or extension parallelism. There is no tendency for the spring to squirm when deflected, and no restraint is necessary to resolve the free moment. Double and triple start variants make the loading points irrelevant on the radius of the spring but increase the accuracy of parallelism.

With the machined spring, perpendicularity, parallelism, lateral bending, axial and torsional rates can be guaranteed. The next time you require a spring in a critical or high duty cycle environment, the machined spring from Abssac Limited may be the answer to your design problems.

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