Lead screw nuts machined in house ensure correct fit

Thursday 13th July 2023
Lead screw nuts machined in house ensure correct fit

The key to delivering high-quality linear application products lies in the ability to provide a professionally tapped nut that perfectly matches the thread form of the supplied lead screw. In many instances, screw stock and specialized nut designs are obtained from separate suppliers, resulting in ill-fitting nuts, excessive wear, backlash, and reduced overall efficiency of the linear package. When engineers require a more advanced nut design, it often indicates that the component plays a crucial role in the machine's operation.

By sourcing both the nut and the lead screw from ABSSAC, we eliminate the potential issues that can arise from using different suppliers. This ensures a seamless fit and optimal performance throughout the linear system. Additionally, designers can confidently rely on the expertise of ABSSAC engineers to incorporate numerous features into the nut design, knowing that they will be implemented with precision and proficiency.

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