Glass Coatings aided by Semiflex

Tuesday 21st May 2013
Glass Coatings aided by Semiflex

Abssac supplies precision offset couplings that are specially configured for applications in the vacuum industry. For example, the Semiflex range has been specified in the innovative field of glass coating technology.  With an ever increasing demand for Low-E demand glass worldwide, high vacuum applications of continuous substrate flow, which can adapt the pressure to process conditions, has meant a huge improvement in glass stability, optical appearance, scratch resistance and standard solar control coatings.With these increasing demands a reliable drive shaft coupling that delivers high torque, reliability and above all contact velocity is required.

The Semiflex shaft couplings are preferred in the connection of the rotary vane pumps and root blowers for exactly this reason. Within the sputtering machines the Semiflex shaft coupling is both compact and extremely torsionally stiff.  However the Semiflex shaft coupling is also highly efficient during operation with no restoring forces required to keep shaft alignment. This is an advantage as the machines can have as many as 10 stages all requiring accurate drive connection. The end result is a shaft coupling that can deliver reliable substrate flow and therefore maintain glass coating accuracy.

Please consult us about your shaft coupling applications. We shall happily identify couplings with you that are configured for your particular application.

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