Finding the right leadscrew and nut combination

Monday 4th January 2021
Finding the right leadscrew and nut combination

Finding the right leadscrew and nut combination for an application requires an understanding of the screw profile, available materials, and naturally, the parameters of the physical demands of the system. ABSSAC had decades upon decades of application experience which can be employed into the product specification.

ABSSAC's outstanding services include the ability to supply a professionally tapped nut, matched to the thread of the supplied screw. ABSSAC can then machine the screw ends to fit radial or thrust bearings or a design bespoke to the customers requirements. By choosing ABSSAC as a leadscrew supplier, the customer eliminates the potential of poor fitting nuts, excessive wear, backlash and low efficiency to the whole linear package.

If the application requires a more sophisticated design, the chances are that the part has greater importance in the workings of the machine. This is exactly why ABSSAC is chosen time and time again as a prefered supplier of linear equipment. Only supplying precision and quailty, the ultimate goal is to deliver the best linear package that is right for the application.

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