Easy Peasy hub and shaft connection

Monday 7th August 2023
Easy Peasy hub and shaft connection

ETP Hydraulic Bushes are an innovative product that utilizes Pascal's principle, ingeniously brought to life by ETP. These hydraulic bushings comprise a double-walled hardened steel (or stainless steel) sleeve filled with a pressure medium. The product's flange houses screws and a piston with seals for pressure adjustment. When the pressure screw is tightened, it generates a uniform and moderately high surface pressure against the shaft and hub, resulting in a secure locking effect. This unique self-contained design allows the process to be repeated multiple times.

With ETP Hydraulic Bushes, the mounting and dismantling process can be accomplished in mere seconds, whether for hub removal or repositioning. The hydraulic principle of these bushings offers immediate advantages for modern machines, enhancing their efficiency and versatility.

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