ETP helps connect power transmission

Wednesday 20th February 2019
ETP helps connect power transmission

When it comes to quick, accurate and reliable shaft to hub connection the ETP product is a winner. All ETP products consist of a double-walled hardened steel (in some cases stainless steel) sleeve, which is filled with a pressure medium. Housed in the product flange there are one or more screws and a piston with integrated seals for the pressure adjustment.

By tightening the pressure screw an even and moderately high surface pressure is created against the shaft and hub, causing the locking effect. A procedure that can be repeated many times. Applications to date have been numerous, but we are started to have success incorporating the unique advantages the product into the power transmission industry.

Whether the hubs are to be removed or repositioned, mounted and dismantled, it is all done in less than a few seconds and without marking the shafts. Eliminating the need for keyways, the hydraulic principle gives immediate advantages for today´s modern power transmission designs . The compact design ensures better concentricity and balance at increased machine speeds and shorter downtime for service. The ETP products now available through Abssac Limited are chosen for more and more mechanical designs.

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