Alternative to Wound Springs ?

Monday 8th June 2020
Alternative to Wound Springs ?

The versatile machined spring provides superior elastic performance in a wide variety of applications. Machined springs can be designed to specifically address requirements for rate, reactions at desired deflections, combined rates, modal properties, weight, inertial limits, and more. This application-specific approach facilitates an unusually good correspondence between what is desired and what is economically possible. Machined springs can also support such design objectives as reliability, repeatability and multiple part integration.

Machined springs deliver spring rates that are accurate and linear in their feedback because of the absence of residual stresses often associated with traditional wire wound springs. Uniquely, a significant advantage of the machined spring is in its ability to incorporate multiple-start spring coil configurations.Many applications have incorporated the end design of the spring into the single part to provide more reliable fixing or provide better linearity of operation.

Uniquely, the product can offer more than one spring coil in the single part. Multi-start configurations (normally double or triple start) can resolved the moments common to single-start springs and will work to inhibit tipping of the spring during compression or extension. One additional benefit of the multi-start coil configuration is that it also provides a level of system redundancy, because more than one coil is transmitting the load.

Another possibility with machined springs is combining a right-hand and left-hand springs in a single piece to prevent the rotation under load, something that many types of wire wound springs exhibit during compression and extension. The ability to incorporate custom machined features as part of a single-piece elastic component makes machined spring an excellent choice for demanding applications.

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