ABSSAC 2021The new C axis lathe is part of our long-term vision

  • Published: Tuesday 2nd November 2021
  • Updated: Wednesday 29th May 2024

Working closely with our customers to supply a finished ready to fit linear product, not only reduces their scrap rates, but also ensures that the lead screw and nut fit tolerances are maintained every time. Holding excellent journal concentricity, regardless of diameter, the manufacturing services deliver complete turn-key lead screw assemblies to specification. Precision CNC machining services transform the standard thread lead screw and nut program into proprietary designs. The new machine is part of the long-term vision of the company and its progressive UK manufacturing goals. Let us optimise the function of your leadscrew product by having your engineering department collaborate with Abssac during the design phase of your linear motion application. We also welcome reverse engineering or replication work.

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