ABSSAC 2019 Lead Screws & Nuts

  • Published: Wednesday 19th December 2018
  • Updated: Monday 16th December 2019

Lead screws are an excellent and reliable way of converting rotary motion into a linear motion. The speed, the load and the accuracy of position has a direct effect on the form and physical size of the lead screw and nut design. If you use lead screws and nuts or perhaps you are considering the product within your designs, then give ABSSAC a call. Most common thread forms are the acme or trapezoidal but ABSSAC can supply multi-start or special thread profile requirements as well as auger mixing screws and self reversing screw formats. In addition to the range of lead screws a complete range of plastic, steel or bronze nuts are available, which are tapped and matched to the screw, can be supplied. The lead screws can be supplied in a machined, rolled or whirled format, using Steel, Stainless Steel or in some cases Aluminium or Bronze. Combine this with the ability to offer further journal end machining, gun drilling, screw hardening and special coating treatments give ABSSAC the competitive edge. Talk to a knowledgeable sales engineer on 01386 833301 to see where our range of lead screws can help within your designs