ABSSAC 2017 A day in the life of....

  • Published: Wednesday 4th January 2017
  • Updated: Monday 16th December 2019

After well over 30 years of business, we thought it would be great to share a day in the life of ABSSAC and the people behind the scenes that make us what we are. Filming actually took all day, but is compressed into a single well worth watching minute.Products supplied by ABSSAC have been incorporated in devices and systems operating in some of the most interesting and challenging environments on Earth - and beyond. From F1 cars haring around race circuits on every continent to connecting pumps in sewers, ABSSAC has the rotary and linear products to help.As always, we look forward to meeting you in 2017 or why not take this opportunity to explore our products through the following buttons. We hope you enjoy the video!