The perfect shaft coupling for highly dynamic applications. If you currently use servomotors or stepper motors within your applications the Spinplus shaft coupling is worth considering. The new shaft coupling has been specifically designed to ensure high torisonal stiffness and reliable bidirectional torque transmission. 

The Spinplus precision coupling has been developed specifically for modern servomotor and stepper motor  applications. Extremely compact dimensions combined with a small moment of inertia gives the backlash-free couplings decisive advantages for dynamic drive systems. Applications often characterised by high-acceleration,  start stop cycles and acute positioning accuracy are easily and reliably satisfied with the Spinplus precision coupling .

The Spinplus shaft coupling is ideally suited for the following applications;

  • Servomotors
  • Stepper motors
  • Handling technology
  • Robotics
  • Linear and positioning units
  • Automation technology
  • Measuring equipment

Using advanced F.E.A. techniques the spring steel internal flexible element provides the exceptionally high torsional stiffness but also enables high torque transmission.  Nominal torques of the zero-backlash precision couplings range from 1.2 to 20 Nm.


Precise, torsionally stiff, backlash-free

Minimal moment of inertia and extremely compact

One of the unique features of the Spinplus shaft coupling is it low mass and therefore extremely low inertia qualities. The compact flexible element allows universal misalignment compensation in a single plane. The immediate benefit is a substantial reduction in the moment of inertia and in the overall length of the coupling.

Innovative hub design for bidirectional torque transmission

The Aluminium hubs incorporate a steadfast, backlash-free clamp hub design ensuring excellent shaft connection. The newly-developed hub design also underlines  the commitment to the minimisation of the moment of inertia. 

Fail-safe protection

The coupling provides security against failure to satisfy safety-relevant drive tasks.

Function element specifically modified

For the higher-torque or even more arduous reversing servo applications, the internal element can be modified to satisfy the requirements of ultra-high-resolution measuring instrument applications.

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