The coupling for maximum torque

The Omniflex offers oustanding shaft misalignment compensation in a  compact dimensional envelope. The torsionally stiff and robust shaft coupling designs have been developed for maximum torque requirements and for the toughest cycle operations. The precision couplings are ideal for industrial heavy duty applications such as press drives, forge rollers, test units for large-scale gearboxes and applications in process engineering.

Fields of application for Omniflex®

  • Industrial gearing
  • Large-scale gearboxes
  • Press drives
  • Forge rollers
  • Gearbox dynamometers
  • Process technology
  • Conveyor systems
  • Mixers and stirrers, and many more besides

Maximum torque transmission

The robust couplings are configured for maximum torque transmission. The performance spectrum at nominal torque levels ranges from 3kNm to 6400kNm.

High misalignment capacity

In conjunction with special spherical bearings, the coupling system offers exceptional shaft misalignment compensation without restoring forces.
Depending on the size, the precision couplings offer an angular misalignment of max. 3°, a radial shaft misalignment of max. +/-200 mm and an axial equalisation of max. +/-50 mm.

Most compact dimensions

The coupling design of three discs and two sets of links enables a small envelope size.


The couplings offer high torsional stiffness. Additional robustness of the couplings make them ideal for the toughest cycle operations and for applications with very hard impact moments.

Configured to suit the application

The couplings are configured for the specific application. Exact coupling sizes and performance data are defined in accordance with the user's specifications.
The choice of bearing pair is based on a wide variety of requirements profiles and is bespoke to the application concerned. Please call us for further details

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