Replicating Splined Shafts

BXR Safety Brakes

A spring loaded safety brake for holding and braking applications. Applications to date have been numerous including garage door drives right through to servo motor drives. The model delivers reliable holding and braking in torque ranges from 0.1 to 240Nm, through an internal square or spline hub designs.

With only two-thirds the thickness of the older models, these brakes are dedicated for holding and emergency braking within restricted spaces . Featuring a much lighter rotor, which successfully reduces racing wear dramatically. The lighter weight lowers the inertia, enabling their incorporation without degrading the response of servo motors.

Shaft Couplings

Specifying the right flexible shaft coupling for an application can be a technical challenge for the engineer, particularly as there are also so many designs on the market. Shaft size, torque capability, angular and parallel shaft misalignment, not to mention material and attachment, all add to the myriad of parameters that narrow down choice.

At Abssac, we pride ourselves on our experience in the specification of shaft couplings whether they are miniature or Industrial. We have a 30 year plus supply chain behind us, to ensure correct product specification.

Satellite Roller Screws

If you are looking for enhanced linear performance within your application, through trusted engineering support then the satellite roller screw program is worth considering. With a proven pedigree in application placement, the satellite roller screw program offers a unique precision linear device, that accurately transforms rotary movement into a linear motion.

Utilising, internally captivated threaded rollers that sit between the screw and the nut dramatically increases the high number of points of contact with the bearing system. This mechanical advantage enables satellite roller screws to support very heavy loads with precise and reliable motion. Meticulous attention to detail during manufacture ,backed up with honed experience, delivers a formidable linear package.


Servometer© electroforms are a formidable product package. As the sole United Kingdom distributor, Abssac can supply quality-crafted bellows, couplings, electroforms, and electrical contacts.

For those engineers familiar with the traditional electroforming process we are offering a new way of looking at both complexity of shape, wall thickness tolerance, integral strength and capability.

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