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Custom MachiningFor all Lead Screws, Ball Screws and Nuts

Custom End Machining

ABSSAC employs some of the latest machining techniques to the lead screws, ball screws and satellite roller screws it supplies, to ensure that a high journal concentricity product is delivered. That same capability can be applied to all screws regardless of diameter but also promotes the ability to provide a dynamic approach to all associated nut designs.  Let ABSSAC work with you to reduce your scrap rates and supply leadscrew, ball screw and satellite roller screw solutions that fit into your application every time.
ABSSAC can work directly from your dimensional drawings or if they do not exist, a physical sample to reverse engineer from.

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Custom Nut Machining

At ABSSAC we also have the capability to machine our Lead Screw nuts to any custom application.  Whether you have a nut you are currently using or you are after something completely new we can assist.  The ABSSAC sales team can also help with any designs you may have, we are fully capable of creating working drawings for all parts ready for manufacture.  With a wide range of nuts in stock we can usually find a size which fits for you.

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Knowledgeable staff, always available

Interestingly, a quick turnaround by Abssac has recently aided the restoration of two pre WW2 machine tools being restored to their former glory in a local woolen mills maintenance workshop.  Despite the customer being without the original dimensional drawings for the ball screws and the fact that they were very much damaged, meant that Abssac had to rely on its extensive ball screw knowledge to satisfy the customer.  First a careful measurement of the last remaining ball screw was undertaken.  It was found that the ball screw was imperially sized, with a 1.00 inch diameter by 0.250 inch lead, Gothic arch ball screw format.

Abssac was able to utilise a cold rolled formed ball screw format, which were cut to a length and then machined at the ends to allow them to fit a thrust bearing to the whole assembly.  The traditional square section nuts that were used by the old machines were replaced by adapted standard product range nuts and were chosen specifically for authenticity due to their single ball return design.  The whole assembly was then low temperature black Chrome plated, which gave a corrosion resistant and exceptionally smooth and scratch resistant surface finish, hopefully giving the machine at least another 50 years of service.

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Custom Lead screw features included

End Journals to suit bearing Mounts

Threaded Journals






Cross Holes

End Holes / Gun drilling

Internal Threads

Bearing Reliefs

Snap Ring Grooves

E Clip Grooves

Full Radius Ends

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ABSSAC also offers an assembly service

Multiple Piece Lead Screws - Product designs that comprise several components.

Multiple Component Lead Nuts - Custom drive nut assemblies in plastics or metals.

Cross and End Pins

Complete sub-assemblies

Press and Slip Fits

End Machining 12

Hand Fitting and Lapping

Bearing Installation

Glue Application

Thread Locker Application

Auxiliary Assemblies

Fastener Installation

Sealing and Packaging

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