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Carbon Fibre Compression Springs

A truly unique product where the excellent performance characteristic of Carbon fibre is utilised in a compression spring format.The Carbon Composite Bellows™ Spring (CCBS) is a system of carbon fibre elements that combine to work as a high performance, light weight and design flexible compression spring.
Thursday 12th March 2020

Satellite roller screws

There are numerous ways of transferring a rotational force into a linear one, particularly in the world of linear translation devices.  Such devices include the simple lead screw and plastic nut and the industrial standard recirculating ball screw device.
Tuesday 3rd March 2020

Using the 23 Asilomar AI Principles?

Challenges are always better faced with a partner and ABSSAC can supply innovative rotary component connections or Linear precision through its lead and ball screw ranges. Our goals are to provide engineering solutions by offering outstanding value backed by attentive and committed service.
Friday 21st February 2020


ABSSAC is in the unique position of not only being able to supply standard ranges of rolled thread forms and nuts, but also develop special types of thread forms that meet the customer’s exact requirement.  Utilising screw diameters from 2mm to 150mm and leads from 0.
Monday 17th February 2020

Custom clutches and brakes

Custom Clutches and Brakes - If the demand is there, we are happy to explore new designs that can give your application leading edge technology in braking and clutch control. Why not call one of our engineers to discuss further..
Thursday 13th February 2020

Virtual Flash back

Our home page in 2008 used a basic virtual reality set up to create a simulated environment of our offices. Back in 2008 you couldn't quite be immersed and able to interact with 3D worlds, but it was cutting edge. ! Vision and a defined long term strategy is just a small part of the reason why customers use ABSSAC as a preferred supplier.
Wednesday 12th February 2020