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Reigning R&G Ducati Shield champ Michael Tustin

Reigning R&G Ducati Shield champ Michael Tustin is making the switch to a Ducati Panigale V2 for the 2021, as he joins the AH Performance team.
Thursday 29th July 2021


Lead screw and nut combinations are often chosen from standard ranges to convert the rotary motion of the screw into a linear movement. However sometimes the nut design can be adapted to deliver more than one advantage. One big advantage is that nuts can be manufactured in just about any machineable material including bronze...
Monday 19th July 2021

ETP-UNIGRIP - A unique development in clamping

An excellent example of our specialist capability is displayed in the development of the axial tensioner ETP-UNIGRIP which was developed to be used within a packaging machine.  The application was to secure circular cutting knives which where originally held in place with spacers and multi-bolt mechanical shaft clamping devices.
Monday 12th July 2021

Precision ball screw life expectancy

Typically, our precision ball screws are rated for millions of millimetres of travel at the rated dynamic load. However, they will travel farther than this at lower stress limits. Interestingly the load-life relationship is an inverse cube relation. For example, by reducing the load by half can increase the life by eight times.
Monday 28th June 2021

Schmidt offset shaft couplings aid in the manufacture of wind turbine blades

Innovation at work. Schmidt offset shaft couplings are presently being used to drive the rubber pull rollers and heated laminating rollers that create a structural adhesive for the manufacture of pre-impregnated composite fibres. Commonly used in the manufacture of wind turbine blades...
Monday 21st June 2021

NEW ROMI GL250M CNC Turning Centre at ABSSAC

Extremely impressed with our new machine. The ROMI GL250M transforms our machining scope and capability and training is now well underway. The ROMI GL250M CNC Turning Centre offers: A2-6” Spindle 65mm Bar Capacity. Fanuc 0i-TF HMI CNC Control with 15” Touchscreen display.
Thursday 10th June 2021