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Budgetbeam Coupler helps reduce waste

. Abssac supplies Budgetbeam Couplers to the company Greenbottle and their quest to reduce packaging waste”
Tuesday 11th September 2012

Abssac Front Page News

Abssac makes front page news in Magazine for its range of ETP hydraulic clamping bushes.
Friday 31st August 2012

Machined Calibration Springs

Machined springs by Abssac used  as a “bench-mark” to calibrate material testing instruments due to their 100% repeatable linear spring rates.To calibrate and certify for  tension, compression, flexure, fatigue, impact/hardness. Machined springs .
Tuesday 28th August 2012

Filter Press offset coupling does the job

. Where there is a need for large parallel offset between rotating shafts with equally large torque requirements - Schmidt offset couplings for printing industry filter press applications are a good fit. .
Wednesday 15th August 2012

Subsea reverser

316L stainless steel Self-reversing screw and follower nut custom made to marine specification for subsea applications.
Friday 10th August 2012

Budgetbeam couplers used in Olympics

Low cost BUDGETBEAM couplers used to connect encoders in the opening of the Olympics props -
Thursday 9th August 2012