Tuesday 16th July 2013

ETP Hub Shaft connections improves productivity in rotary PET bottle stretch blow moulding machine

The ETP shaft connection solution is designed to allow the user to tighten or loose a single cap screw to allow the quick and easy mounting and dismantling and if necessary incremental repositioning of the hub on a shaft.

An excellent example of this products placement is in the production of PET bottles. This highly competitive business uses the stretch blow moulding process, which depending on the type of machine can have from 4 up to 36 blow moulds per machine; thus the output of the machine can range from 8,000 up to 72,000 bottles per hour. Preforms of the bottles are inserted into the blow moulding machine via a conveying system. The machine consists of a linear heating module for preform heating and a blow-moulding module in which the heated preforms are blow-moulded into bottles. The preforms initially pass through the heater to achieve elasticity. Next step is the transfer of the preforms into the blow moulds. To fasten and centre the transfer wheel an ETP-EXPRESS is used.

The single screw design enables quick and easy mounting and adjustment which is a key benefit. The rotary blow mould machines are often recognised within the filling and packaging industry for their unmatched efficiency, and in key applications ETP is increasingly forming an important part of the design.