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Spring machined from solid material

For engineers who are well-acquainted with the conventional wound spring design, Abssac introduces a fresh perspective on reliability, performance, and attachment through the utilization of machined springs. While wire wound springs undoubtedly find their place in various applications...
Tuesday 31st October 2023

The Practical Innovation of Satellite Roller Screws: A New Chapter in Linear Motion

In the world of mechanical advancements, where function often takes precedence over form, a quiet yet transformative innovation has emerged: the satellite roller screw. Amid the familiar landscape of linear translation devices, these unassuming mechanisms are changing the way we think about linear motion, focusing on precision and dependability.
Monday 2nd October 2023

Selecting the right nut for your lead screw

ABSSAC's expertise and willingness to assist can certainly help streamline the process of selecting the right nut for your lead screw. They can provide guidance on these factors and help you find a solution that best fits your application's requirements. When selecting a nut for your lead screw...
Tuesday 15th August 2023

Easy Peasy hub and shaft connection

ETP Hydraulic Bushes are an innovative product that utilizes Pascal's principle, ingeniously brought to life by ETP. These hydraulic bushings comprise a double-walled hardened steel (or stainless steel) sleeve filled with a pressure medium. The product's flange houses screws and a piston with seals for pressure adjustment.
Monday 7th August 2023

Lead screw nuts machined in house ensure correct fit

The key to delivering high-quality linear application products lies in the ability to provide a professionally tapped nut that perfectly matches the thread form of the supplied lead screw. In many instances, screw stock and specialized nut designs are obtained from separate suppliers...
Thursday 13th July 2023

Machine Building Live event 4th October 2023

One Day All the Answers  - Wednesday 4th October 2023National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham08:30 - 14:30. Whether you’re a machine builder, systems integrator or an OEM engineering professional keen to automate...
Thursday 22nd June 2023