Saturday 1st March 2008

Precision Edge Welded Bellows

Do you use precision edge welded bellows ?. Abssac is now supplying a range of custom designed bellows, through Bellows Tech, LLC who specialize in the design and manufacture of precision edge welded bellows and assemblies. The product encompasses, a wide array of alloys including Inconel, Hastelloy, Titanium, Aluminium and 316L stainless steel. All dimensional configurations serve numerous industries, including:

The metal bellows provide a hermetic, all-metal pressure barrier and seal, that can flex in one or more direction. A key advantage being that the bellows can provide the most flexibility in the smallest amount of available space.

The flexible metal barrier, that edge welded bellows provide, can be put to use in many different ways to perform a variety of functions. For example, applications that require high quality, state-of-the-art micro fusion joining; edge welded bellows are very functional and cost effective. For further details please contact a technical sales department on 01386 833301.