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Machined spring assimilates separate parts.

Abssac has recently aided the design and reliability of a compression spring control mechanism that originally involved the amalgamation of four separate machined parts. Those being a wound compression spring, a machined spring seat...
Tuesday 28th April 2009

Choice Torque

Abssac is well known for supplying the original helical beam flexible shaft coupling. The product has a reputation for reliability and antibacklash torque transmission, but you may not be aware of the additional advantages the product can offer to power transmission applications.
Tuesday 10th March 2009


A new and unique “atherm” temperature sensitive bellows assembly has recently been manufactured and supplied by Abssac limited as part of their controlled electroform component program .. Utilizing the full capabilities of the  SUB-ASSEMBLY SERVICES the part supplied by Abssac...
Monday 24th November 2008

Machined Springs - Release the potential

As with its wire wound brother, all types of spring format such as, compression, extension, torsion, lateral translation and lateral bending springs are available in the machined format. However, from this point the similarities between wound and machined springs stop. Machined springs can provide very precise...
Monday 1st September 2008

Adaptive shaft coupling technology

Any coupling manufacturer can provide a range of bores sizes within their shaft coupling ranges. After all, this is the essence of the generic products adaptability. The list of suppliers probably starts to shrink dramatically when you require small adaptations of the standard range of shaft couplings .
Friday 1st August 2008

Electrical contact spring gives long life

In electronic devices, certain components may require one or more spring contacts to achieve reliable electrical connection.This is where Abssac can help with its bespoke precision electroformed products. Utilizing a bellows spring contact...
Sunday 9th March 2008