Wednesday 23rd October 2013

Adaptable Universal Joints

Abssac continues to expand its rotary product portfolio by supplying a unique range of adaptable universal joints. By excelling in the design and development of universal joints with you, we can achieve a cost effective transmission solution.

The universal joints we supply are machined, not cast, which enables high tensile strength and outstanding reliability, but also lends itself perfectly for unique transmission designs. Providing advice, Abssac can incorporate different types of end attachment, as well as allowing telescopic action during rotation into the design.

As standard, all universal joints are available in alloy steel, stainless steel; however many applications have been developed using non-standard materials such as Monel alloys.  Abssac is also confident dealing with different heat and surface treatments to achieve a desired hardness or corrosion resistance.

If you have an old or new application, why not use over 75 years of universal joint experience, to develop your next universal joint challenge.