Wednesday 20th February 2019

Stainless Steel Ball Screw

Some applications require Stainless steel as the base manufacturing material for any assembly within their system. What ever the application, when it comes sourcing Stainless Steel ball screws the availability can challenging. 

ABSSAC is offering a new range of precision Stainless Steel ball screws as an ideal partner for any applications that demand repeatable linear precision. A full range of bearings and linear slides are available to compliment the precision ball screw. Available in 6, 8 and 10mm diameters with leads of either 1 or 2mm the new SUS series offers cumulative lead error of only 2 x 0.052mm per 300mm with an axial clearance of 0.020 mm. The new SUS ball screw series offers a cost effective performance compared to similar sizes ground ball screws. Capable of transmitting dynamic loads up to 2300N, the standard product,  including the flanged nut housing, is hardened to HRC55 as standard. Standard screw lengths which can be supplied machined ready to fit into an application are 300mm for the 6mm diameter and 400mm for the 8 and 10mm diameters.

Precision, reliability, quality, value for money and on time delivery, are all things ABSSAC put at the heart of the ball screw ranges they supply and with existing customers enjoying a 98% satisfaction in a recent survey, they are rightly proud of their track record. With one of the most diverse and capable ball screw ranges on the market allows ABSSAC to be considered for a large breadth of linear challenges.  The choice empowers the capability to meet most linear challenges head on, but most importantly, within budget. For example, by using precision ground ball nuts and then matching them with precision cold rolled ball screw threads, ABSSAC can provide a ball screw with lead accuracies of less than 52 microns of error for 300mm of linear travel.  This capability gives the customer large cost savings, when comparing the same product against a ground ball screw and nut equivalent.

As an established supplier of ball screws, including support bearings and other related ancillary products and provides the expertise in assuring engineers that they are specifying the correct linear products for their applications. The low friction within ball screw designs means that a high mechanical efficiency is delivered compared to that of lead screw designs, that ABSSAC also supplies. A typical ball screw may be 90 percent efficient, versus 50 percent for an equivalent sized lead screw. Therefore, ball screw specification is often a result of an application requirement to have smooth, accurate and perhaps fast, repeatable linear movement.  

Typically available are precision ball screws with outside diameters ranging from 4mm to 16mm with a range of leads per diameter.   The transport ball screw diameters range between 10mm to 80mm in diameter and as the product name suggests, points at the at the more industrial type applications with dynamic load capacities from 900 to 13449 kgf being catered for, without loss of accuracy and efficiency or high drive torque.  Stocked screw lengths of Transport ball screws of up to 4500mm are available up to 32mm in outside diameter and screw lengths up to 5600mm long for screws above 40mm in outside diameter.

Lastly, in the portfolio, is the capability to produce unique, application specific ball nuts. By looking at how the actual nut fits within the application or other functions that the nut could achieve during operation has often lead to a reduction in parts with the linear design.

All ball screws supplied from ABSSAC can be delivered with the journal ends of the screws machined to print, so that the parts are ready to fit into the suitable bearing or application. This eliminates potential scrap rates for the customer but also ensures that the assemblies are supplied and certified to the accuracy tolerances required. To make life simple ABSSAC separates the ball screw ranges into the following distinct ranges.

For further information please call Phil on 01386 421005 or follow the link : Ball Screws