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ABSSAC achieves approval JOSCAR for 2nd year

ABSSAC has achieved approval to the accreditation register - JOSCAR (Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register) for the second year running. The register is used by the aerospace, defence and the security industry to act as a single repository for pre-qualification and compliance information.
Tuesday 2nd February 2021

Decades of precision ball screw supply

ABSSAC will shortly be celebrating 4 decades of power transmission equipment supply and over that time certain approved suppliers have demonstrated a steadfast approach to quality, professionalism and long term strategic commercial thinking.  ABSSAC is the long-term United Kingdom distribution partner for KSS Co.
Tuesday 2nd February 2021

KSS Ball screws - Unmatched quality assurance and reliability.

For many decades our preferred supplier, KSS Co of Japan has been choosen for the precision rolled and ground ball screws for diameters from 1.8mm to 25mm. KSS Co offer second to none manufacturing techniques, unmatched quality assurance and reliability. Any precision linear application would benefit from the quality assured product range...
Thursday 21st January 2021

Innovative shaft and hub attachment

With product names like ETP EXPRESS, ETP EXPRESS R, ETP POWER and ETP TECHNO, these products are, as it sounds, designed for a multitude of applications. In each case only a single screw is used for mounting and dismounting of the hub.
Monday 11th January 2021

Finding the right leadscrew and nut combination

Finding the right leadscrew and nut combination for an application requires an understanding of the screw profile, available materials, and naturally, the parameters of the physical demands of the system. ABSSAC had decades upon decades of application experience which can be employed into the product specification.
Monday 4th January 2021

No fuss machining of lead screw journals

Let’s work together to reduce your scrap rates and supply ball and leadscrew solutions that fit directly into your application, every time. With a machining capability that is enjoyed by numerous ABSSAC customers the company provides an excellent journal concentricity product, regardless of diameter.
Thursday 17th December 2020