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Schmidt offset shaft couplings aid in the manufacture of wind turbine blades

Innovation at work. Schmidt offset shaft couplings are presently being used to drive the rubber pull rollers and heated laminating rollers that create a structural adhesive for the manufacture of pre-impregnated composite fibres. Commonly used in the manufacture of wind turbine blades...
Monday 21st June 2021

NEW ROMI GL250M CNC Turning Centre at ABSSAC

Extremely impressed with our new machine. The ROMI GL250M transforms our machining scope and capability and training is now well underway. The ROMI GL250M CNC Turning Centre offers: A2-6” Spindle 65mm Bar Capacity. Fanuc 0i-TF HMI CNC Control with 15” Touchscreen display.
Thursday 10th June 2021

Innovative way of reliably clamping hubs and shafts

ETP-HYLOC, due to its robust design, is ideally suited to work in difficult environments and heavy operations like steel rolling mills, process industry etc. An interesting application, among many, has been fastening of rolls to shafts. ETP-HYLOC is fast to mount, has good concentricity and can take high radial loads.
Monday 7th June 2021

Simple Bidirectional lead screw devices

Take a left handed and right handed trapezoidal thread from and accurately join them together and you have a simple gripping or expanding device. Numerous customers have used this concept within their machines. By being able to utilise the large range of lead screw diameters, as well as pitches, opens up the products possibilities.
Monday 24th May 2021

Motion Club Newsletter

If you’re a design engineer or you specify mechanical equipment ABSSAC's motion club e-newsletter is worth a read. It is to the point and only looks a relevant application product capabilities, whilst keeping you abreast of any new product developments - Signing up is easy, follow the link below.
Monday 17th May 2021

Calibration laboratory uses ETP hub and shaft connections

DrehmomentService Dr. Peschel is a calibration lab based in Peine that works with globally operating clients from a wide range of industries. Dennis Howorek is head of the lab and managing director of Technology. He will explain the key advantages of using ETP hub-shaft connections in the lab.
Monday 10th May 2021