Monday 19th November 2018

ETP Hydraulic Clamping elements transmit POWER

With all the positive benefits of the ETP hydraulic clamping elements, such as compact design, precision mounting and easy clamping the new ETP POWER product delivers the highest performance from the single screw ETP product range. 

ETP-POWER® is a reliable, standalone hydraulic clamping connection consisting of a double-walled hardened steel sleeve which is fixed into position with a standard hand key operating pressure screw. As the pressure screw is tightened the specific properties of the pressure medium used within the product uniformly creates a reliable rigid joint between shaft and hub. ETP-POWER® can easily be disengaged by loosening the pressure screw where the clamping area of the ETP-POWER® returns to its original dimensions. 

After six years of development the ETP-POWER® product is now launched to cater for higher radial load capacity on shaft and hub clamping applications. The higher load capabilities make the product ideal for use in applications such packaging machinery where higher operational loads and finite adjustment of the timing pulleys are required. Importantly, when maintenance of the machine or positional adjustment of the ETP-POWER® product is required, downtime is significantly reduced as only one screw needs to be loosened or tightened. The radial position of pressure screw on the flange saves space along the shaft and mounting. The flange design has two pre machined location bores which can be used for location pins.

ETP-POWER® is compact, quick and available as standard for shafts sizes between 15 – 40 mm.  Repeated mountings between 200 and 500 times can be achieved depending on the size and the product will maintain a concentricity runout of = 0, 03 mm. 

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