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When to go special

. When we look at custom or specialist shaft couplings, it is important to remember that it does not invariably mean a custom or specialist price; it can sometimes actually mean a cost saving. Shaft couplings by the nature of their placement are ultimately the critical connection between the motor and the driven mechanism;...
Wednesday 19th July 2017

Carbon Fibre Compression Tunability

The Carbon Composite Bellows™ Spring (CCBS) is a system of stacked carbon fibre elements, similar in design to a Belleville washer, that combine to work as a high performance, extremely light weight flexible compression spring. Using carbon composites takes advantage of the materials unique high tensile properties in bending.
Wednesday 5th July 2017

How machined springs out-perform wire-wound springs

Design engineers are discovering the many benefits that machined springs provide to their designs, where spring forces are required. Developed from the concept of incorporating the versatile Heli-Cal Flexure concept into a single piece of material;...
Wednesday 12th April 2017

Front Page News

Abssac makes front page news in the Irish Manufacturing Solutions for Industrial Efficiency magazine. The Heli-Cal product allows the engineer to dream........ A unique product allowing the engineer to have unlimited attachment types, custom design and predicted performance.  For further details check out pages 8&9 of the the magazine.
Wednesday 2nd September 2015

The Multi Start Advantage

The advantage of using a Multi-Start springs with their 2 and 3 start concentric coils to provide even loading during compression and extension (delivers resolved moments). When used in a coupling the Multi-Start Flexure will provide higher torsional stiffness and offer system redundancy.
Friday 24th July 2015

Add a little flexibility into your system

One of the greatest advantages of the Original Helical Shaft coupling product is the ease in which it can be adapted from the standard shaft coupling into a cost effective, multi-functional bespoke design adding some innovative advantages along the way.
Friday 2nd January 2015