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Spring machined from solid material

For engineers who are well-acquainted with the conventional wound spring design, Abssac introduces a fresh perspective on reliability, performance, and attachment through the utilization of machined springs. While wire wound springs undoubtedly find their place in various applications...
Tuesday 31st October 2023

Easy Peasy hub and shaft connection

ETP Hydraulic Bushes are an innovative product that utilizes Pascal's principle, ingeniously brought to life by ETP. These hydraulic bushings comprise a double-walled hardened steel (or stainless steel) sleeve filled with a pressure medium. The product's flange houses screws and a piston with seals for pressure adjustment.
Monday 7th August 2023

Torque Tender offers protection to a mechanical system

Protection from potential damage to a mechanical system caused by torque overload can be critical in some applications. In some applications torque is monitored by the closed loop driver programming within the servo motor performance profile. However, some applications require a more simple mechanical solution.
Monday 5th June 2023

Let us bring the products samples to you

 With all our products, our sales engineers see face to face visits as the best way of find a solution to a customers rotary and linear challenges. We have purpose designed display boxes for all our products, that allow the customer a quickly walk through the product potential.
Monday 27th February 2023

A shaft coupling that compensates for large parallel offset

The Schmidt-Kupplung is a compact, torsionally stiff performance shaft coupling that compensates for large and variable parallel shaft offset without side loads during operation. By its design, the extreme shaft offset capability combined with a small D.B.S.E. (distance between shaft ends) makes the Schmidt-Kupplung quite unique.
Tuesday 25th October 2022

Edge welded bellows from Abssac.

Edge welded bellows from Abssac. Abssac has supplied dependable edge-welded bellows and assemblies over four decades. Engineers in a broad spectrum of industries rely on bellow products for the highest cycle life, responsive design, wide material selection, and leak-tight performance.
Tuesday 21st June 2022