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2016 Green Cars for ABSSAC

ABSSAC adds a new fleet of  Hybrid Toyota Auris vehicles for its sales department. The new models only emit  83g/km of CO2 and achieve an incredible 78mpg. Look out for the new sign written vehicles.
Thursday 4th February 2016

The De Montfort School Sponsorship 2016 News

ABSSAC's continued sponsorship of the TDMS Robotics club at The De Montfort School is helping with preparations for the regional event. The teams are busy tweaking with their robots to ensure they are in optimum condition for the competition. With one robot already qualified ...
Tuesday 2nd February 2016

Solid Stock

ABSSAC stocks a wide range of solid (muff) style shaft coupling for fast easy shaft connection. Ideal for 6mm to 50mm diameter shafts, the anodised steel construction is designed for arduous use. Simply release the clamp style design by removing the four bolts, fit the coupling and ...
Tuesday 12th January 2016

More Thrust in 2016

 4 x the thrust to be correct.  The satellite roller screw is used to transform rotary movements into linear movements or vice versa. Using precision, load bearing, rollers instead of ball bearings in the nut housing can achieve incredible accuracy and longevity of service....
Saturday 2nd January 2016

Design Considerations for Lead Screws And Ball Screws

If you are unsure as to using a acme lead screw or a ball screw within your application, our quick design consideration chart may be of help. ABSSAC supplies both types of product each with their merits and limitations, but in all cases we look to find the best fit product for your application....
Monday 14th December 2015

The Carbon Spring technology can save you up to 70% of the weight of a steel spring

Abssac is constantly working on next generation product platforms and a classic example of this is the Carbon Spring Technology from Hyperco. The Carbon Spring works as a system to offer unparallelled control of your spring set-up. A Carbon Spring stack stores energy by bending....
Tuesday 27th October 2015