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Filter Press offset coupling does the job

. Where there is a need for large parallel offset between rotating shafts with equally large torque requirements - Schmidt offset couplings for printing industry filter press applications are a good fit. . .
Wednesday 15th August 2012

Subsea reverser

316L stainless steel Self-reversing screw and follower nut custom made to marine specification for subsea applications.
Friday 10th August 2012

Budgetbeam couplers used in Olympics

Low cost BUDGETBEAM couplers used to connect encoders in the opening of the Olympics props -.
Thursday 9th August 2012

White Paper. Machined Springs vs Wound springs

Abssac releases a a white paper on the difference between machined springs and wound springs - .
Thursday 9th August 2012

Machined Springs created from Thermoplastic Peek

. created from Thermoplastic PEEK to allow transparency in X ray devices and still provide high load, constant spring rate, even at high temperature. Please contact the sales department at Abssac for further details. Tel : 01386 421005.
Monday 6th August 2012

NEW Stainless Steel ball screw

. NEW Stainless Steel ball screw available in 6, 8 and 10mm diameters with leads of either 1or 2 mm called the series offers cumulative lead error of only 52 microns per 300mm of cumulative lead accuracy of 20 microns of axial backlash. Capable of transmitting dynamic loads up to 2200N...
Thursday 2nd August 2012