Monday 7th May 2018


One of the great things about using a lead screw for your linear applications are the options for nut styles and designs that are cost effective and offer high performance solutions. Take the TM-04 - TRUNION MOUNT ACME NUT for example, which is such a simple but effective design.

Suits Thread Forms: Acme, Trapezoidal, High-Helix, Modified Acme, Buttress with Lead Accuracies of up : +/- 0.00762/ mm . The nut design can be used with screw diameters: 1.8 - 150mm using screw materials such as Stainless Steel, Alloy, Aluminium, Titanium and in some cases ceramic alternative. Nut Materials such as Bronze, Acetal, Delrin, PEEK, Ultem, Vespel, Torlon and many more have been used in the past.

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