Wednesday 18th March 2020

Satellite roller screws

There are many ways of transferring a rotational force into a linear one, particularly in the world of linear translation devices.  Such devices include the simple lead screw and plastic nut and the industrial standard recirculating ball screw device. Each design discipline has advantages and disadvantages over the other but equally each have a legitimate place in the linear market.  An often misunderstood linear device however is the satellite roller screw, and it is worth some extra attention due to the nature of its function and capability. With a traditional recirculating ball screw design, the captivated ball bearings within the nut housing transfer the load (force) between the screw and nut.

Where ABSSAC excels is in the adaptation of the standard product and adding value. Using Satellite roller screws as the base product makes them particularly suitable for applications where high axial loads, high speed, and high feed speeds are requested. Other applications to date have included flight critical aerospace apparatus, medical operating equipment and advanced machine tool operations.


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