Wednesday 13th November 2019

Satellite roller screws have amazing performance

The first patent for a roller screw was recorded in 1949 by the inventor Mr Bruno Standgren Carl, which was an adaptation of a friction-less bearing design patented back in 1939 by Mr Oscar and Stewart  McCurdy.  In essence the idea was convert the rotation of a threaded bar into an accurate linear motion via a series of timed and captivated roller bearings within a nut housing. The roller bearings rotate or satellite around the diameter of the screw giving rise to the full name of the product; the satellite roller screw.

The rigid design allows for a small overall diameter of nut but have the ability to deliver massive load capacity due to the many contact points between the rollers and screw. Having a bearing heritage means that the whole assemble can be up to 97% efficient and can have an expected life up to 15 times longer than any ball screw equivalent. The design accepts high acceleration and deceleration and is capable of rotating in excess of 5000 rpm making the roller screw product a superior linear drive alternative.

Offering a full custom capability,  ABSSAC has supplied ground satellite roller screws for many years, where expertise and product knowledge has allowed the product to be used within numerous critical applications.  Applications have been as diverse as replacing the hydraulic legs on flight simulators to zero-backlash 10x1 pre-loaded G1 (6 microns per 300 mm lead accuracy) accuracy roller screws used above earth’s atmosphere.

The product takes linear challenges to the next level, offering high load capacity, reliability and acute accuracy.

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