Wednesday 29th May 2019

Precision miniature ball screws delivery update

The later part of 2018 saw an extraordinary demand for miniature precision ball screws and linear guideways due to the exponential increase in demand for microprocessors and ultimately the machines that produce them. These machines have always been operationally heavily dependent on precision ball screws and linear guideways and Asia was the hot bed for this demand. Globally, this caused challenging times in terms of supply and demand

To give an idea of the increase in demand, the normal production capacity for precision rolled and ground ball screws was in the region of 16K ball screws per month. Without much warning, manufacturing experienced monthly  orders between 50% and 80% over physical capacity month on month. Outside processes such as heat treatment and surface coatings were equally effected by this demand, further adding to the delivery pressures.

Globally, all precision ball screw and linear guide manufacturers were effected. ABSSAC took the proactive steps, appropriate planning and most importantly communicated the challenges with customers both large and small. Keeping the supply chain under control and without any compromise to quality delivery schedules was made an absolute priority.

It is very pleasing to report that production and delivery schedules have now returned to normal levels through this strategic planning. Customer care encompasses many areas and ABSSAC demonstrated that this is an area that we are particularly good at and proud of. As we like to say, " ABSSAC is a dynamic 37 year old company dealing in innovative product through knowledgeable people that are always available".

Simon Cattle
Managing Director


Ball Screws

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