Saturday 11th August 2018

Miniature lead screws

ABSSAC has had great success  with its quality range of power screws ranging from about 16mm up to 200mm in diameter, but an often little reported side of the company is its capability to supply precision miniature cold rolled formed lead screws and nuts.

When delivering screw diameters from 1.6mm up to 5mm the key is in the manufacturing technique to ensure thread integrity and lead accuracy. Numerous applications have relied on the consistant quality in different markets such as medical and robotics around the world. In each case, whether it is a single start or multi helix thread form, linear run out and concentricity of the thread is maintained to a precision classification. Miniature lead screws have been supplied in both Steel and Stainless Steel and on some occasions in plastics. Custom screws sizes available are on request. Custom end machining available to provide a ready to fit part. Custom nut designs are welcomed.



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