Tuesday 16th July 2019

Lead Screws & Nuts

Precision lead screws and nuts are integral to numerous mechanical processes around the world. Offering a high mechanical advantage they are utilised to efficiently convert an applied torque, to either the nut or screw, into a precise linear movement. With 4 decades experience Abssac has designed, manufactured and delivered the highest quality lead screw and nut assemblies in the industry. Thread forms such as Acme, Trapezoidal and Vee thread have all been employed over the years, each of which have their definitive advantages over the other. However choosing the correct lead screw assembly for the application can be a challenge.

At ABSSAC we like to look at the basics and understand the speed, load and repeatable accuracy, which can often quickly determine the screw format for the application.  For example, the torque required to move a load can be calculated by "unwrapping" one revolution of a thread. Mechanical efficiencies for lead screws range from 20% - 40% depending upon the lead angle and the coefficient of friction of the nut material. For example, Plastic acme nuts offer approximately 10% - 20% better efficiency than bronze acme nuts. The next time you have a linear application give Abssac a call.  T : 01386 421005 or visit the web page : Lead screws

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