Available on 4mm to 12mm diameter rolled ball screw stock with 1mm to 10mm lead variants.

Abssac is understood to be the first in the UK to supply a single piece, rolled ball screw that has a thread form right up to the end journal and a diameter that is equal or greater than that of the screw thread diameter. In the past, this format of screw and larger journal has only been possible by using a machined or ground screw thread form or by bonding a section of screw to a separate journal which would inevitably increase the unit cost.

At first glance this innovation seems simple, but when you start to consider the limitations in thread rolling processes and take into account that previously it has been impossible to roll a thread on anything other than a single diameter bar stock, for the entire length of the screw, you start to see the great technological advance. A rolled ball screw will always be more competitively priced than a ground screw equivalent and this has always caused the immiscible dilemma to the design engineer. Use a machined or ground screw to get the larger journal for greater axial thrust attachment security and available bearing choice or sacrifice the larger journal advantage for the less cost rolled screw.

The new SRT ball screw series provides a high linear accuracy  allowing the customer to replace expensive ground ball screws with a rolled screw alternative at less cost and with operational confidence. As standard, two precision tolerances are available ; C7-20 (0.05mm/300mm, 20 microns axial play)  or  C10-50 (0.2mm/300mm, 50 microns axial play).

For more performance data, aswell as further screw and nut dimensions please see our catalogue.

Product typeModel No.Shaft dia
Hor. Capacity
Vert. Capacity
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0401-096R155C74.01.0075560790
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0401-216R275C74.01.00195560790
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0401-096R155C104.01.0075560790
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0401-216R275C104.01.00195560790
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0402-096R155C74.02.0075420570
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0402-216R275C74.02.00195420570
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0402-096R155C104.02.0075420570
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0402-216R275C104.02.00195420570
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0504-096R155C75.04.0070470720
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0504-216R275C75.04.00190470720
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0504-096R155C105.04.0070470720
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0504-216R275C105.04.00190470720
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0601-146R220C76.01.001256801200
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0601-261R335C76.01.002406801200
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0601-146R220C106.01.001256801200
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0601-261R335C106.01.002406801200
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0602-146R220C76.02.001257501200
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0602-261R335C76.02.002407501200
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0602-146R220C106.02.001257501200
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0602-261R335C106.02.002407501200
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0606-146R220C76.06.001258701450
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0606-261R335C76.06.002408701450
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0606-146R220C106.06.001258701450
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0606-261R335C106.06.002408701450
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0610-146R220C76.010.001209501600
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0610-261R335C76.010.002359501600
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0610-146R220C106.010.001209501600
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0610-261R335C106.010.002359501600
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0801-196R270C78.01.001757801650
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0801-356R430C78.01.003357801650
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0801-196R270C108.01.001757801650
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0801-356R430C108.01.003357801650
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0802-196R270C78.02.0017024004100
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0802-356R430C78.02.0033024004100
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0802-196R270C108.02.0017024004100
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0802-356R430C108.02.0033024004100
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0802.5-196R270C78.02.5018018503000
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0802.5-356R430C78.02.5034018503000
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0802.5-196R270C108.02.5018018503000
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0802.5-356R430C108.02.5034018503000
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0805-196R270C78.05.0016518503000
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0805-356R430C78.05.0032518503000
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0805-196R270C108.05.0016518503000
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0805-356R430C108.05.0032518503000
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0808-196R270C78.08.0017522003800
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0808-356R430C78.08.0033522003800
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0808-196R270C108.08.0017522003800
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0808-356R430C108.08.0033522003800
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0812-196R270C78.012.0016522004000
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0812-356R430C78.012.0032522004000
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0812-196R270C108.012.0016522004000
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT0812-356R430C108.012.0032522004000
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT1002-196R270C710.02.0017027005300
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT1002-396R470C710.02.0037027005300
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT1002-196R270C1010.02.0017027005300
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT1002-396R470C1010.02.0037027005300
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT1005-196R270C710.05.0017030005200
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT1005-396R470C710.05.0037030005200
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT1005-196R270C1010.05.0017030005200
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT1005-396R470C1010.05.0037030005200
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT1010-196R270C710.010.0017033005900
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT1010-396R470C710.010.0037033005900
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT1010-196R270C1010.010.0017033005900
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT1010-396R470C1010.010.0037033005900
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT1015-196R270C710.015.0016033006400
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT1015-396R470C710.015.0036033006400
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT1015-196R270C1010.015.0016033006400
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT1015-396R470C1010.015.0036033006400
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT1020-196R270C710.020.0017021004000
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT1020-396R470C710.020.0037021004000
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT1020-196R270C1010.020.0017021004000
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT1020-396R470C1010.020.0037021004000
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT1202-196R270C712.02.0017030006400
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT1202-396R470C712.02.0037030006400
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT1202-196R270C1012.02.0017030006400
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT1202-396R470C1012.02.0037030006400
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT1210-196R270C712.010.0016551009800
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT1210-396R470C712.010.0036551009800
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT1210-196R270C1012.010.0016551009800
Rolled Ball ScrewSRT1210-396R470C1012.010.0036551009800
Rolled Ball ScrewSSRT0601-146R220C76.01.00125560900
Rolled Ball ScrewSSRT0601-261R335C76.01.00240560900
Rolled Ball ScrewSSRT0601-146R220C106.01.00125560900
Rolled Ball ScrewSSRT0601-261R335C106.01.00240560900
Rolled Ball ScrewSSRT0801-196R270C78.01.001756301250
Rolled Ball ScrewSSRT0801-356R430C78.01.003356301250
Rolled Ball ScrewSSRT0801-196R270C108.01.001756301250
Rolled Ball ScrewSSRT0801-356R430C108.01.003356301250
Rolled Ball ScrewSSRT0802-196R270C78.02.0017019503100
Rolled Ball ScrewSSRT0802-356R430C78.02.0033019503100
Rolled Ball ScrewSSRT0802-196R270C108.02.0017019503100
Rolled Ball ScrewSSRT0802-356R430C108.02.0033019503100
Rolled Ball ScrewSSRT1002-196R270C710.02.0017022004000
Rolled Ball ScrewSSRT1002-396R470C710.02.0037022004000
Rolled Ball ScrewSSRT1002-196R270C1010.02.0017022004000
Rolled Ball ScrewSSRT1002-396R470C1010.02.0037022004000


Fixed side, end-journal is set up bigger than shaft nominal diameter and is unfinished. This allows more design flexibility compared to current rolled ball screws. It is possible to design end-journal configuration compatible with SG series. There are also Integrated rolled ball screws made of stainless steel (SSRT series) available for quick delivery.


Linear guides and rails

Guides & RailsIf you are interested in the using the ball screw ranges, do not forget that we also supply the full range of linear guides and rails which can provide the load support in your linear mechanism. Offering excellent rigidity and parallelism during operation the guides can be used in both vertical and horizontal planes.

Following the link to that product page Guides

Thrust and radial bearings


Please do not forget to ask for our competitive support bearing prices !

 If you require further technical information, please do not hesitate to contact our sales engineers who will be more than happy to help you with your selection.

Greases and Lubricants

We provide a full range of quality, low cost lubricants for all our linear products including low vapour pressure greases for clean room and vacuum applications. For example the new Trigel line is specifically formulated to offer a lubrication solution for a wide range of linear motion applications. Please ask for further details.  Grease features include, Temperature range -30°C to 150°C,  Revolutionary multi-complex soap technology, Greatly extended lubrication intervals typically 3 times longer than conventional soap thickened greases. Good corrosion resistance. Some greases are supplied blue in colour for high visibility.

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