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Piggy in the Middle

Piggy in the MiddleThe Spring Challenge. This application was for a constant force compression spring to connect two pipeline "PIGS" together. (A pipeline pig is a machine that enters into the actual pipeline from...

Thursday 17th April 2014READ MORE»

Satellite Roller Screw Perfection

Satellite Roller Screw PerfectionThe first patent for a roller screw was recorded in 1949 by the inventor Mr Bruno Standgren Carl, which was an adaptation of a frictionless bearing design patented back in 1939 by Mr Oscar and Stewart  McCurdy...

Tuesday 18th March 2014READ MORE»

Two function clamping in one !

An excellent example of our specialist capability is displayed in the development of the axial tensioner ETP-UNIGRIP which was developed to be used within a packaging machine... READ MORE »

Stainless steel offset shaft couplings

Shaft Couplings used within determined industries sometime calls for customised materials to be compliant with special regulations and requirements. Examples... READ MORE »

Have you heard?

Abssac’s standard and precision ball screws can be supplied in Stainless Steel and low Carbon Steel with lead accuracies of 0-20 Microns over 300mm... READ MORE »

Schmidt offsets like no other coupling.

Many engineers come across the familiar problem of shaft misalignments within driven shaft applications. In some cases the parallel offset of the shafts are... READ MORE »

Why use Machined Springs ?

By physically machining a spring from a solid piece of material, Abssac offers the end user some very unique performance characteristics over the wire wound counterpart... READ MORE »

On The Go News....

Take five minutes to read our latest Newsletter. The ABSSAC Ezine is always kept short and informative, whilst hopefully remaining worthwhile to anyone who... READ MORE »

Adaptable Universal Joints

Abssac continues to expand its rotary product portfolio by supplying a unique range of adaptable universal joints. By excelling in the design and development... READ MORE »

Miniature Perfection

Abssac is well known for its quality power screws ranging from about 16mm up to 200mm in diameter, but an often little known side of the company is its capability... READ MORE »

Quick Mounting and Accurate Hub Connections

The scientist Blaise Pascal formulated the principle of pressure propagation in liquids many years ago: Pascal's law or the principle of transmission of fluid-pressure... READ MORE »

Abssac LEAD’s the way….

Abssac Limited will be showing its full range of precision lead screws and nuts at the forthcoming Engineering Design Show at the Ricoh Centre. (Stand No :... READ MORE »

Flexible Rotary Solutions

Specifying the right flexible shaft coupling for an application can be a technical challenge for the engineer, particularly as there are also so many designs on the market... READ MORE »

Combined Compression and Extension spring machined from a solid replaces wire wound spring

Whilst recently providing a product demonstration of the unique capabilities of the machined spring product, a question was asked, “Would Abssac be able... READ MORE »

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ETP EXPRESS R Saves downtime - increases productivity

ETP EXPRESS R Saves downtime - increases productivity Food production areas have fast moving units of packaged ready meals continuously flying along  conveyor systems heading towards the final packaging area.  ABSSAC has recently supplied a stainless...

Friday 11th April 2014READ MORE»

Irish Manufacturing

Irish ManufacturingAbssac takes the front cover of the Irish Manufacturing magazine for the spring 2014 issue, showing a precision rolled ball screw. A technology spotlight feature on the linear technologies available from Abssac...

Thursday 13th March 2014READ MORE»

Quick Delivery of solid shaft couplings

Sometimes there is no need for flexibility in the connection between servomotors and the driven mechanism. A solid clamping coupling provides the best maximum... READ MORE »

Looking for quick, efficient hub shaft connection?

The ETP-EXPRESS type R has the same excellent qualities as the proven ETP-EXPRESS hydraulic hub shaft connector, but is manufactured from Stainless Steel... READ MORE »

TBWoods at Abssac for 25 years

The name TB Wood’s has long been associated with quality, in both products and customer care. Whether it’s their made to order or their standard... READ MORE »

160mm Diameter POWER Screws

Abssac supplies a set of massive rolled lead screws for a cable winding machine refurbishment. Using a 160mm diameter by 16mm lead. The large lead screws were... READ MORE »

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