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Reverse engineer old leadscrews

We offer manufacturing services for complete turn-key lead screw assemblies to your specifications. Precision CNC machining services transform our standard thread products into your proprietary designs. Let us optimise the function of your leadscrew product by having your engineering department collaborate with Abssac during the design...
Monday 2nd August 2021


Lead screw and nut combinations are often chosen from standard ranges to convert the rotary motion of the screw into a linear movement. However sometimes the nut design can be adapted to deliver more than one advantage. One big advantage is that nuts can be manufactured in just about any machineable material including bronze...
Monday 19th July 2021

Precision ball screw life expectancy

Typically, our precision ball screws are rated for millions of millimetres of travel at the rated dynamic load. However, they will travel farther than this at lower stress limits. Interestingly the load-life relationship is an inverse cube relation. For example, by reducing the load by half can increase the life by eight times.
Monday 28th June 2021

Simple Bidirectional lead screw devices

Take a left handed and right handed trapezoidal thread from and accurately join them together and you have a simple gripping or expanding device. Numerous customers have used this concept within their machines. By being able to utilise the large range of lead screw diameters, as well as pitches, opens up the products possibilities.
Monday 24th May 2021

High Helix Lead Screws

If you need to move a load quickly for a low rotational input speed, then perhaps consider the high helix lead screw ranges which can offer leads of up to 6 x the diameter of the screw. This multi-start...
Tuesday 4th May 2021

Self reversing screws

A traditional lead screw and nut combination requires the driven screw to change its direction of rotation to enable the nut to return to its original start position. However, in certain applications, it may be advantageous to maintain a single direction of rotation of the screw but still have the nut return to the start position.
Monday 12th April 2021